2024 Winter/Spring Ultra Marathon Training Program

Sacfit Ultra is the longest running ultra marathon team in the region and has trained hundreds of advanced, intermediate, and beginning runners to successful finishes in trail races ranging from half marathon distances to 100+ miles.

We combine an atmosphere of fun and social team building with a serious and challenging training program, all under the auspices of expert personalized coaching and comprehensive resources.

The training program consists of two weekend supervised workouts (shorter mileage on Saturdays and the longer mileages on most Sundays), and midweek workouts focused on shorter and moderate length mileages, as well as strength training and specialized workouts.


More Point-to-point Workouts

Tired of out-and-back workouts where you only gain experience and training on half the route or course in a given workout, and/or spend extra non-workout hours carpooling back and forth? For this season, Sacfit Ultra is point-to-point travel for half of the workouts, which serves to maximize your workouts and familiarity with all the courses your training for, not to mention enhancing the terrain variety. Additionally, we can transport you to race starts, saving on shuttle expenses and avoiding extreme early morning departure times. Sacfit Ultra is the only Ultra-marathon training program to offer this feature. 

Sacfit Ultra App

Connect your Garmin, Strava, or other tracking devices or software to the Sacfit Ultra App and consolidate all your training stats for your own review or consult with your coach. Also, you have the entire workout schedule at your fingertips. But that’s where the similarities to other training apps ends! Unique features to the Sacfit Ultra App include voice-navigated routes for various weekend long routes and mid-week routes (no more getting lost); written and video articles detailing specialized workouts and related training information, and a private social group (no need to have a FB account) to name a few. This app is the most comprehensive training app out there, bar none.

Sacfit Ultra offers two training programs:

  1. Ultra Marathon training  CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  2. Trail Trekkers – Shorter distance trail running and hiking.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Both are formal, structured training programs with the longer workouts on the weekends.

FIRST WORKOUT – JANUARY 7, 2024, @ 7:00 a.m. 

Our first workout of the season is on Sunday, January 7, 2024.  Workouts are conducted rain or shine, cold or hot, but never without fun and comradery! Dress in layers and bring a change of clothes for after the workout (we have a change tent) so you can hang out with your team and enjoy hot drinks, snacks, and socializing.

The meeting location for our  first workout is:

Phoenix Park – Main Parking Lot
9050 Sunset Avenue
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Click here for Map and Directions



This program is designed for a broad spectrum of trail-runner abilities from intermediate and advanced road runners looking to train for his or her first Ultra Marathon to seasoned trail runners wanting to improve upon particular trail running techniques, strategy, pace, and/or race goal, including qualifying for the Western States 100-mile race.

Additional Details

The program schedule is tailored to the 2024 Winter and Spring ultra marathon calendar, including WTC and Salmon Falls 50K and the AR10, 25, and 50-mile Endurance Run races, and can be individually conformed for these and other race goals.

Note: For those who’ve qualified for Western States 100, or are training for the Canyons 100K or Miwok 100K, we also provide an informal, yet highly structured, supplemental program for those races.

Because our program is geared toward strong coaching interaction with each individual teammate, the 2024 Sacfit Ultra team is limited to 55 people.

Online registration is now open.



This is an introductory and mid-level trail running and hiking program for beginner and novice road/trail runners and walkers wanting to jump into or continue the trail experience, including shorter mileage trail races, or as a nexus toward the goal of an ultra-marathon-distance race, including the AR25. The 2023 Trail Trekkers team is limited to 25 people.

Online registration is now open.


Ultra Marathon Program Features


  • Expert coaching and mentor support. Coaches are veteran ultra-runners having completed numerous ultras including WTC 50K, Salmon Falls 50K, AR50, RDL100K, Black Canyons 100K, Javelina 100 and Western States 100.
  • Supervised workouts on both weekend runs
  • In-person and e-mail support for individual questions regarding training and running related issues.


  • Whole season schedule provided at the beginning of the program.
  • Proven training program that maximizes success and minimizes injury. (99.5% of the past Sacfit Ultra team members entering the WTC50K, Salmon Falls 50K, and AR50 have finished within the cutoff.) 
  • Multiple training venues to provide comprehensive coverage and afford thorough knowledge of the entire WTC, Salmon Fall, and AR50 courses.
  • Knowledgeable guest speakers covering various ultra marathon and trail running subject. 
  • Sacfit Ultra Runners and Trail Trekkers are aligned with Fleet Feet Folsom and Roseville. We will have seminars during the season to provide invaluable knowledge in the areas of apparel, footwear, form, core work & stretching, as well as a pre-race review of the WTC, Salmon Falls, AR25 and AR50 races, as well as mile-by-mile race plans for WTC, AR25, and AR50.
  • Oasis Stations (more than just water and electrolyte) provided for some trail workouts, including post-workout snacks.
  • Technical Team Jersey with Sacfit Ultra team logo.
  • Discounts at Fleet Feet Folsom and Roseville.
  • Inspirational, encouraging, knowledgeable, and motivational coaching!


While our program accommodates a broad spectrum of athletic talent, fitness, and experience, ultra-marathon training is a serious and challenging endeavor requiring certain minimum aptitudes.

SACFIT ULTRA RUNNERS training program requires the following:

Fitness Requirements:

  • You must have trained for a marathon distance or completed a marathon during November or December of 2023.
  • You should be able to comfortably run on a flat surface with a pace of 14:00 per mile or faster for a distance of at least 15 miles.

SACFIT TRAIL TREKKERS program requires the following:

Fitness Requirements:

  • You must be able to currently walk or run on level surface for more than 60 minutes at a pace of 17:00 per mile or faster.
  • You should be comfortable with unpaved and uneven trails and general wilderness elements.

Additional Details

  • Registration into training program does not include race entry fees.
  • You can switch to another training schedule at anytime for free.
  • There are no refunds once the program starts.
  • There are no exchanges or transfers.